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With excessive heat, auto repair shops are busy fixing broken AC units

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) — Sometimes there’s no way to beat the heat. A local auto repair shop has reported an increase in air conditioning repairs as temperatures soar into triple digits.

Bismarck Tire Center employees can feel the rising temperatures and they also see the effects of the heat.

“With the hot weather, the air conditioning parts are starting to break down, and we’ve been really busy there,” said Eric Hoffman, service manager at the Bismarck Tire Center in downtown Bismarck.

For some people, the decision to repair a broken AC unit is not very easy, especially when there are other things to spend money on.

“And now our big debate is whether it’s worth it or not because…summer is almost over,” Nicole Schumaker said.

Shumaker is currently saving for a trip to take her kids to Disneyland. She said she had had her air conditioning repaired twice before and with the end of summer in sight, that money could be put to better use for the vacation fund.

“Two hundred and fifty dollars goes a lot further at Disneyland than $250 for an air conditioner that’s already been fixed twice,” she adds.

If you’re trying to keep your car out of the shop and pumping in fresh air, there’s preventative maintenance you can do yourself.

“Make sure your condensers are clean, not full of bugs, dirt, grime, because the condenser is what cools the freon, and if it’s plugged in, your AC runs at higher temperatures, which which causes a breakdown,” Hoffman said.

Although it’s not quite as refreshing, you can travel for free with your windows down.

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