The loan for agriculture that expands the possibilities of financing needs linked to high quality standards.

What’s this


It is an unsecured agricultural loan of equipment, designed to meet the need of some sectors to support the production cycle for a period exceeding 24 months and to improve commercial planning thanks to an appropriate rotation of warehouse / cellar.

To whom it is addressed

To whom it is addressed

To Agricultural Enterprises to support in particular crops and / or productions (such as for example vineyard, orchard, olive grove, particular types of cheese, products subject to aging, etc.) that require a longer period of maturation / maturing / aging than the standard.

Main features

Main features

  • Minimum amount payable: € 10,000 or as per purchase invoices
  • Duration: Maximum 84 months (max 36 months of pre-amortization and max 48 months of amortization). During the pre-amortization period the installments consist only of interest.
  • Reimbursement: Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly.
  • Agrarian Guarantee: Ismea Subsidiary, Legal Privilege.

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Advertising message for promotional purposes. For the contractual conditions of the illustrated product, the APR and for anything not expressly indicated it is necessary to refer to the relevant Information Sheet which is also available to customers on paper, at all branches of the Bank and on the website Product sold by OneLoan which reserves the assessment of the requirements necessary for granting the loans.

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