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Tips for Starting a Home-Based Automotive Shop | Local News I Racine County Eye

Starting a small business from the comfort of your own home is a perfect way to get some extra cash or start a new career. Car enthusiasts are prime examples of individuals capable of turning their lifelong hobby into a new business. What may seem like a hobby to you may be a necessary service to someone else. If you’ve gotten involved in auto repair, it might be time to consider opening your own auto shop at home. These tips for starting a home auto shop will help you get started.

Fill out paperwork and allocate space

The first step to opening any type of business always starts with paperwork. You will need to be a licensed auto mechanic and have enough space on your property to repair your car. If you need a designated space, you may need a permit to build a garage suitable for your business. Make sure you have enough parking space to keep cars away from residential roads. Once the state has approved your business, you have your tax ID, and you have space for auto repair, you’ll need to get a dealer’s license so you can get parts at fat. You may also want to make room for a dedicated office for your business.

If you can’t get your business approved, consider applying to become a mobile auto mechanic with a home base in your home instead. Customers will appreciate a mechanic who makes house calls, especially in more rural areas.

Now that you’re taking your mechanic skills from a hobby to a service, you need to make sure you have all the right tools for your business. Start with the basics auto shop hand tools, then research power tools or diagnostic tools that you can afford with your budget. Since you are saving money that you would otherwise have spent renting a building for your business, you may have some extra money for equipment.

You might also want to get a hydraulic lift for your garage, but remember that because you’re in a residential area, you might need to watch your noise pollution. You will also need to be careful where you dispose of your chemical waste and auto parts. Check your state’s environmental regulations to make sure you practice safe waste disposal.

Find a niche

With a home business, you need to find a way to attract customers to your business instead of a commercial mechanic. One of the tips you should consider for starting a home auto shop is to find a specialty or niche. If you only work on vintage muscle cars, you will attract business from car collectors or enthusiasts of that era of cars. You can also specialize in a specific service, such as window repairs or oil changes. Once you’re more established, you can branch out into a wider variety of services or even consider renting a store away from home.