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This wrench set could help you learn car mechanics without getting dirty

You can read all the manuals and watch hours of video, but nothing beats the hands-on experience of key turning if you want to better understand how your car works. But cars, tools and workspaces are expensive. This Wrench video game, however, could make hands-on mechanical training much more accessible.

The concept seems quite simple: you assemble and maintain virtual cars! One of the game’s developers, Alec Moody, introduced me to the concept via email and described the game more specifically as follows: “A super-detailed mechanical simulator focused on the preparation and maintenance of race cars for ‘endurance.”

You can watch more clips of the game in action at Alec Moody’s YouTube Channel.

Moody just created the trailer for the game you see above, the game is official press kit has a bit more information on the bottom of the box about what it is:

“Wrench tasks players with repairing and maintaining racing cars. Every component of Wrench is meticulously crafted – Parts down to every nut and bolt are faithfully reproduced to provide gamers with an accurate simulation. The wrench features common fastener tools (ratchets and impacts) and accurately simulates torque, stretch and fastener breakage. Players use a growing selection of lubricants and chemicals to perform common tasks like oil changes or brake fluid flushes.

You can play the game on a Windows PC or in VR using motion controllers, with the latter looking particularly cool. Unfortunately, I don’t have this hardware, so I won’t be able to play this game anytime soon. But if you are interested, you can check it on Steam or the Oculus Store for $19.99.

It is now available as an “early access release”, which basically means that the developers are planning to add a lot more content to the game. You can check the progress of said development on Key website. As of this writing, here’s what the game’s “development roadmap” looks like.

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I’m deep in a very frustrating car project right now, so the idea of ​​spending even After the time spent on a car that isn’t even real made me laugh at first. However, upon reflection, I realized it would be a much more relaxing way to learn how to use the tools. And using it would mean I wouldn’t have to walk into the garage of my dark, filthy apartment complex!

Seems to be a fun and educational tool. Based on reviews that are up, that seems like a pretty successful execution, too. Drop some comments if you’ve played it and have ideas to share!