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The new auto store aims to welcome everyone

“The goal was to really do everything right. To do it the best that we can, whether it’s just the aesthetics or the equipment we bring, the way we post pricing and things like that on our website, ”said Haug. “It’s all about being honest, open and trustworthy because I think that’s something that’s lacking in this industry on some level.”

At Good Judy Garage, openness and honesty start with pricing. On their website, they provide a flat rate for oil changes and explain that their hourly labor rate is $ 120 is the industry average.

The website continues to explain their promise to customers, “We will take the time to explain what your vehicle needs and why, and provide you with different cost options for parts, when options become available.” We will give you our professional advice on what you need. do, but will never be arrogant, and will always respect your choices ”

This honesty goes beyond simple transparent pricing; the garage also allows people to come as is. The waiting room is a small but well thought out space. There are a few sofas, a neon sign with the name of the shop, a TV, and some handcrafted items they sell to further support the LGBTQ + community.

“I feel like I can’t express myself and my gender identity in these kind of traditional operations and places without being discriminated against or judged or, you know, harassed or belittled,” Haug said. “It’s part of being honest and open-minded and accepting others is also putting yourself forward. “

Good Judy Garage is also a family business. In the “our team” part of the website, you will see Faith Haug, the “brain of the company” behind the garage as well as their children, Renndyn and Helena.

“To involve our kids and stuff like that is part of that, I think it’s a huge thing,” Haug said. “So I think that has a lot of educational value for the kids who can see how a business is managed, developed and set up. “

Good Judy Garage opened on December 19, with only CC as a mechanic at the moment. So services are somewhat limited, but the Haug hope to expand in the new year and hire more mechanics. This way, they can take more clients who are looking for this type of place to bring their business.

“I don’t think anyone likes walking into a business and feeling uncomfortable or intimidated or anything like that,” Haug said, referring to the auto industry and the common complaints they’ve heard. . “Not just people who are part of the LGBTQ community, but people in general. We had a lot of [people], especially women, reach out to us and say, “You know… when we go to a traditional store, we feel very uncomfortable because of the environment and the type of attitude people have. So we really can’t wait for this to be a welcoming space and a place where we can have a positive attitude and enjoy it.

Good Judy Garage is now open but has already been booked for a few weeks. You can get more information about the garage and consult the appointments on his website.

Amanda Horvath is a multimedia producer with Rocky Mountain PBS. You can reach her at [email protected].

Brian Willie is the Director of Content Production at Rocky Mountain PBS. You can reach him at [email protected].