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The Last of Us 2 Auto Shop Security Code

The Last of Us 2 Auto Shop vault is located in the Hillcrest chapter of the building advertising auto parts and repairs. You might stumble upon it while playing the Seattle Day 2 chapter, and it’s one of the few safes where the code isn’t really near the lock. You could easily miss the code if you don’t explore the whole area thoroughly. If you’re having trouble finding either, this guide will show you The Last of Us 2 Auto Shop Safe code at Hillcrest.

Location of Hillcrest Safe Last of Us 2

The safe itself is fairly easy to find. It’s in the section after moving the trash can to jump over a garage. This will take you to a bike shop. The first building to the left of the bike shop is Velvet Tatoos. If you enter the tattoo parlor, from the back and down the alley behind, you will see the garage on the right. This is the secure location of Hillcrest Auto Shop.

Be careful when opening the door. It might be prudent to place a travel mine before doing so. The safe will be immediately after entering.

Where is the Last of Us 2 Auto Shop Safe code?

Like most safe combinations, this one is written on a note that also serves as an artifact. (Called Dale’s Combo in this case.) To find it, you’ll first need to return to the main street. Enter the pet store across from the tattoo parlor. Go to the back of the store, to the left, and you will find a hole in the wall leading to the store next to it, which is a kind of bar. Look for a double door leading to the kitchen. As soon as you enter, look at the wall to the left. The note will be pinned there. It reads as follows.

Yo – when Dale passes by he’ll ask for the safe combo, but walk to the garage and put it yourself or he’ll bother you eight more times. The combo is 30-82-65. Somebody needs to talk to his wife. I know she wants to think he’s going to get better, but it’s time to practice. Heard the WLF has real medics on their base… No one would blame them for leaving (except Boris, but fuck him.)

From there, it is obvious that the auto shop security code is 30 82 65. Open it and you will get a short gun case, salvaged parts, crafting materials, and a handful of ammo. This is probably one of the most rewarding safes in the game, so be sure to loot it. You can see it all happen in our video guide for hillcrest vault.