Auto repair

Swartz Creek Auto Repair Shop completely destroyed by fire

The pros and performance of diesel at Swartz Creek was completely destroyed Monday afternoon after a massive fire ripped through the building.

According to MLive, the building on Morrish Road was completely set on fire when the firefighters arrived and help was immediately requested.

How did the fire at Diesel Pro and Performance start?

Owner Matthew Randall believes the fire started when a technician was using a torch. He believes that a lump of ash fell on chemicals that were on the ground, which ultimately started the fire.

Was anyone injured in the Swartz Creek fire?

There were seven people inside the building when the fire broke out, but luckily everyone managed to escape without being injured.

Randall also says his guys will have the keys in hand by next Monday morning. Of course, it won’t be in the same building as it was a total waste. Diesel Pro’s & Performance was fully covered and they plan to rebuild in the same location.

My friend Barbie Persails, owner of Beauty Realm salon, located next door to Diesel Pro’s & Performance, said she was amazed her building didn’t catch fire.

It was crazy, scary stuff. I can’t believe my building is still standing and no one has been hurt. Even all the vehicles around the building are still there. The firefighters and the police reacted so quickly.

There were several vehicles inside the building as well as some equipment which was also destroyed.

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