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St. Cloud Auto Shop offers tips for saving on gas

(KNSI) – As prices at the pump hit their highest level in years, some are wondering how to get the most out of every drop of gasoline. Granite City Tire and Auto in St. Cloud says saving fuel starts with basic maintenance. General manager Jesse Nelson says one thing that is often overlooked is tire pressure.

“If you have bad tire pressure, it can cost you 3-4% fuel savings, which adds up. One thing you can do is add nitrogen rather than air. Nitrogen stays at a more constant pressure. It doesn’t fluctuate with temperature changes, saving you money in fuel economy.”

It says after that make sure your car air filters are clean.

“It can be a huge fuel economy if you have a dirty air filter and haven’t replaced it in a long time. Two other things, using the right oil in your engine could cost you 1-2% if it’s not the right viscosity. Also if you have check engine lights on.

It says if you have a check engine light on because of an oxygen sensor, you could lose half your fuel economy. Nelson says people can also take their car to a mechanic and have the fuel injectors professionally cleaned.

Nelson says there is nothing that can be added to your gas tank to get extra miles and warns anyone to try these products.

It also says vehicles only need one to two minutes for the engine to warm up enough to run properly and anything more is a waste of gas and unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.

Granite City Tire and Auto has three locations in St. Cloud, Sartell and Alexandria.


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