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Soon pink car services by women in Kanpur | Kanpur News

KANPUR: For the comfort and safety of passengers as well as to stimulate the employment of women, the Regional transport authority decided to launch Pink Automatic services in the city. A decision to that effect was made at a meeting of the RTA on Wednesday.
In the first phase, 100 permits will be issued for pink cars reserved for female passengers and their family members.
A committee will be formed under the chairmanship of MCA VI to issue licenses to Pink Auto. Understanding ARTO and officials from the traffic and women’s welfare departments, the committee will select eligible candidates through a lottery system.
“Permits will be issued to pink cars after the CNG pumps open,” the sources said, adding that these cars will be painted pink as they will only be driven by female drivers.
As well as providing jobs for women, it will also ensure the safety of female passengers, the divisional commissioner said Raj Shekhar. “At first, we will issue 100 permits,” he added.
Locals felt this was a great initiative and would help keep women safe on the roads. “According to rough estimates, around 45,000 to 50,000 women commute daily in the city and this initiative will be a boon for them,” residents said. tnn