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Shorty Anderson Auto Services suffers more flooding in Morgantown

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Just over a week after major flooding forced Shorty Anderson Auto Services to shut down, yet another flood hit the area. Fortunately, this time it wasn’t that bad.

Co-owner Travis Rowan said the flooding was not as severe because the construction site behind his auto shop eventually installed an erosion control fence and retention pond to hold back the flood water. However, as the drains on Stewart Street, where Shorty’s is located, are still clogged since the first flood, clear water has seeped into the business.

Travis Rowan

Last night we had pretty heavy rain and we saw it coming so we came over to check it out. And by the time we got here, Stewart Street was completely flooded again, so we walked into the store. We saw that we had some clear water coming in through the back door and a bit ahead. We noticed that it seems their water retention pond is working now that it’s hooked up, so I wish they’d hooked it up before the rain on Sunday June 13th. We probably could have avoided all this mess, but I think it shows that it really needed to be plugged in first.

Travis Rowan – Co-Owner Shorty Anderson’s Auto Services

Rowan said there was no mud like last time around so the cleaning process was relatively easy.

With the construction site and the heavy rains, he said, it’s probably too much water for the drains to handle. He said he expects Stewart Street to be flooded every time a heavy rain falls, but that he will be happy as long as he is out of his store.

“I think if we can clean these drains out here, you know our problem will be over for now at least,” Rowan said. “I mean, once there are roofs and bitumen or concrete, you know, we’re going to put in some more water, so we’ll see what goes with it. “

Shorty’s co-owner said he is still waiting for the Morgantown Utility Board (MUB) to come and clean and unclog the ditches. Unfortunately, MUB is very supported, he said, and couldn’t stop at Stewart St.

Clogged ditch on Stewart Street, right across from Shorty’s

“I really hope they get here soon,” Rowan said. “It would probably help a lot with the Stewart Street flooding, you know, if we can clean up these ditches here, then I hope they get over it soon.”

In the meantime, Rowan said, he’s still working on filing his insurance claim. On Monday June 21, they emptied most of the equipment.

Rowan is working on his insurance claim

Shorty took out everything that was salvageable. It now relies on another site to manage its operations.

“Today I am recording the parts that were destroyed and the tools in order to get a good list for the insurance company,” Rowan said.