Auto repair

Several auto repair shops affected by a recent wave of burglaries

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Based on security camera footage, many auto repair shops across Albuquerque believe the same thief is breaking into their businesses to take whatever he can find.

Taz Brewster, owner of Taz Auto Repair, said he knows about 11 auto shops that have been affected.

“I saw the door that was open and I didn’t know if any of my employees were there until I saw the lock was broken, so I was like, they came inside me,” said Brewster.

He thinks the same criminal is responsible for them all.

“I came over and saw the landlord had new locks so I asked him what happened they said they had been broken into – when we spoke yesterday we realized that it was related,” Paul Sanchez, service advisor for One Stop Auto Care, said.

He’s also the same guy who, according to Todd McMullan, owner of East Central Tire and Battery, broke into his store twice in 24 hours. He said it made him reconsider owning his own business.

“I’m sick of it,” McMullan said. “My dad had this store since 1969, I took it over 10 years ago and every year it gets a little bit worse… I’m at the point where I’m ready to find a different job and close it and sell it to someone someone who wants to put up with that kind of bullshit.

Christopher Miller, owner of All American Garage, said all they wanted was to get this guy off the streets.

“That’s why everything in this town is like this,” Miller said. “The criminals have nothing to hold them accountable, so everyone does what they want, with no repercussions, and guys, like these guys, and myself, are paying the price.”

The owners of the business started posting their security footage on social media and soon realized the thief might be the same guy.