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Seven Daysies Awards: Best Automotive Repair, 2022

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  • Luc Awtry
  • Left to right: Peter Murphy, Susan McGrath, Nikki Louison, Michelle Watt, Derek Cherniawski and Max Berlow

GILLETON GARAGE – Vermont has yet to send a woman to Congress, but the state has female representation in one of the oldest old boys’ clubs in the service industry: auto repair. Most mechanics are men who work in male-owned repair shops.

Demeny Pollitt became the rare female auto repair shop owner when she opened Girlington Garage in South Burlington in 2009. A graduate in automotive technology from Vermont Technical College, Pollitt is committed to giving women a place to bring their car without fear of being intimidated or tricked. .

The concept worked. Girlington treats all customers – men too – with respect and honesty. True to the company’s non-discriminatory commitment, Pollitt hires mechanics of all genders as long as they are up to the task of repairing brake rotors and rotating tires. There’s free coffee in the lounge and a fleet of loaner cars means you don’t have to wait while your wheels are fixed.

Other finalists

  • Brian’s North End Automotive
  • Dave’s Williston AutoCare
  • Halford Engines
  • New England Automobile