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Joe Richards, President of Caliber Auto Care, celebrates joining the Shop-Ware family with Ryan D’Souza, Chief Revenue Officer of Shop-Ware.

When we look back at how stores operated 10 years ago, we are amazed at how far operators have come. Congratulations to those who have adapted by adopting a car garage store management software to better serve your customerrs.

More and more, workshops are learning how they should evolve by focusing primarily on repairs. Instead, they get more in return when they invest in the best auto shop software they can get to future-proof their business.

Let’s take a moment to look at how we’ve adapted so far:

  • Five years ago, 30% of retailers were hesitant to order car parts online. At that time, they feared overpaying for shipping or ordering the wrong type of bridle. Now our workshops can’t imagine going a day without using automotive workshop software to order through our native parts catalog.
  • Before, we used to start every RO from scratch. These days you can tap into canned jobs and past services in auto repair software. This Instantly saves you minutes on every estimate using your previous information. Best of all, these quotes end up being MUCH more accurate!
  • When it came to making the books, each store had its own set of car counts and AROs. Rather than tracking them through separate accounts, access all your data with one login. Now you can combine it with your auto repair software to measure any KPI you want. This level of analysis gives you more time to strategize – or go out and play for a change of pace.

Shop-Ware’s analytics provide key performance indicators that auto shop owners can set based on how they want to slice and dice their metrics.

These are just three things that have changed repair shop software so much for the better. However, Shop-Ware is always looking to the future to make life in stores even easier and more profitable. Here are some of our latest innovations:

  • Remember when the coin matrix was considered a great way to price items to your best advantage? It has since evolved into the Parts GP Optimizer which makes stores more money with every transaction. According to our top performing stores, this feature more than pays off for Shop-Ware in a year.
  • Digital vehicle inspections are great, but what if you could add live chat functionality as part of your platform? With our Digital Vehicle Experience (DVX™), you get that as part of its immersive and interactive e-commerce experience that wows customers with its ease of use. You really have to see it to believe how much better it is than traditional digital vehicle inspection.
  • And finally, we’ve found a way to replace walking around bays to see how busy people are and when they can pick up another customer. With our auto shop capacity program, you can estimate the number of hours worked by each technician. Even better, you can see how many hours they have left to complete an additional repair.

Many store owners find themselves at a crossroads where they can adapt or die. We’ve seen people who feel like they’ve learned everything they want in their career, so they may want to hang up their keys. This creates great opportunities for those who want to buy out these stores and carry on their legacy.

With the right store management system, you can take photos and send photos to customers via live chats, but follow all the conversations in one thread.

With the right store management system, you can take photos and send photos to customers via live chats, but follow all the conversations in one thread.

However, as successful shop owners tell us, you need to have the right auto repair software processes in place. That means investing in a smart store management system that creates great workflows with the right digital tools. These are the things they can only get from Shop-Ware.

As a result, these store owners earn more money so they can hire more people to serve their customers. They have more time to enjoy life and, when they retire, to sell their business for the value they expect.

Find out what you can do to make your store thrive like the best stores in the industry. Get Shop-Ware store management software and run a better store.