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Red Deer County Supports New Spruce View Auto Repair Business – Red Deer Advocate

A Spruce View resident proposing to open an auto repair business got the go-ahead from Red Deer County despite some neighborhood misgivings.

The county’s municipal planning commission voted on Tuesday in favor of an application to open the repair business on a 0.6-acre residential property in the hamlet, about 25km west of Innisfail, despite some letters of concern. There were also two letters of support for the company.

Among the concerns expressed were the potential for noise, odors, clutter, increased traffic and possible environmental hazards. A better location would be at a nearby gas station bay, one letter writer suggested.

County Mayor Jim Wood, who sits on the planning commission with the rest of council, said that while he likes to see these types of businesses open in business parks rather than residential areas with auto repair shop, it would benefit Spruce View.

Home-based businesses of this type serve as incubators for new businesses to start.

“I believe we have an opportunity here to help this person run this business and improve the community,” Wood said.

Allowing businesses to start is important for creating jobs in the county, he added.

Com. Philip Massier said the venture is approved under a number of conditions.

“If this business starts growing and starts becoming a used car lot, we have the power to shut it down,” he said.

Com. Connie Huelsman also saw the benefit of licensing the business.

“Spruce View needs something like this,” Huelsman said, adding that it could one day become a “stepping stone” to bigger business.

“It will be an incubator. Hopefully he will do very well. »

The company received a five-year approval with a long list of conditions, including that it cannot create any nuisance outside the property or affect the privacy and enjoyment of nearby residents.

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