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Popsicle the dog scares away burglars from auto repair shops

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – When thieves tried to rob an auto repair shop in South Memphis, they met their match in a one-year-old puppy named Popsicle.

The pit bull terrier mix and another guard dog scared off the burglars, but not before Popsicle was badly beaten with a heavy object. Hyron “Doc” White has reason to be angry after his one-year-old dog was beaten by someone who broke into his auto repair garage on McLemore.

“It actually pissed me off,” White said. “That you would come here and hurt my animal, hurt my dog, to steal. Like they hit him with a pipe or something. I believe it was on his left side, his left shoulder.

It happened a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning when White believes more than one suspect cut part of that chain-link fence at his business he’s run for 10 years.

“I guess they come here to get catalytic converters like they do all over Memphis. I mean it’s epidemic. That’s what they’re doing,” White said. , they’ll wreck your cars just for $75-100, $150.”

White said he had another guard dog named Dallas, but when he arrived on the scene that morning he couldn’t find any of his dogs.

“When I got here, there was blood, bloodstains all over the cars,” he said, “and I call my dogs, ‘Where are my dogs?’

Only an injured Popsicle was there, and rescue dog Dallas appeared to have run away and has not been seen since. However, White found plenty of evidence that Popsicle and Dallas quickly scared away the bad guys.

The brave young dog still has scars from his experience, but after some TLC he is almost back to normal. When asked how he got the name Popsicle, White replied:

“When I first got him he was shaking like he was cold, you know, it took him a while to warm up to me.”

White said he had no security camera footage, no descriptions of the suspects, and did not file a police report.