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Phone found in Middleton auto shop in Highland Park investigates shooting

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – A phone owned by the man accused of killing seven people has been found at a business in Middleton, its owner has confirmed.

Jim Lund, the owner of Jim’s Auto Service Center, said the phone in the dirt was found, just outside his parking lot, near an ornamental goose. He said the goose was not his and was placed there.

Lund said about 25 FBI agents showed up at his business Tuesday morning to search his property. Officials reportedly told him they had located the alleged shooter’s phone at that address and eventually found it buried on the property. Lund said he was still in shock.

“In a scary way,” Lund said. “Of what could happen if there was someone here doing such a thing. I’m just glad he can’t do it again if that’s what he intended to do.

On Wednesday, Lake County Major Crimes Task Force spokesman Christopher Covelli said Crimo “seriously considered doing another shoot in Madison”. He did not indicate what event the alleged shooter had in mind.

A phone belonging to the suspect charged in the 4th of July parade shooting in Highland Park was found near this ornamental goose outside a Middleton business.(WMTV-TV/Marcus Aarsvold)

According to law enforcement, Crimo did not participate in the second shooting because “he hadn’t thought or researched it enough.” He noted that Crimo still had around 60 rounds with him when he was captured.

Investigators are unsure why Crimo returned to Highland Park after leaving the Madison area.

The Middleton Police Department released a statement following the press conference saying it had been working with the FBI since the night of the shooting. Federal agents kept the police department informed of Crimo’s actions in the city; however, Middleton Police are not involved in the investigation.

A phone belonging to the suspect in the July 4 shootings in Highland Park was found in a...
A phone belonging to the suspect in the July 4 shooting in Highland Park was found at a business in Middleton.(WMTV-TV/Marcus Aarsvold)

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