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Pacifica Auto Repair Shop Accepts Judgment | News

State and local regulators have announced a judgment against a former Pacifica auto repair shop owner who they say operated in violation of state regulations.

Fabio Menjivar, who until March 2020 did business as FMC Automotive at 1137 Palmetto Ave., accepted a judgment resolving the case that began in 2017 with a visit from investigators from the California Bureau of Automotive Repair. The judgment covers false or misleading advertising, billing for repairs that weren’t needed or done, and failure to provide written estimates.

Menjivar did not admit liability following the judgment. Owning or operating an auto repair shop in the state is definitely prohibited and agrees to follow all regulations pertaining to such businesses. He is required to pay $15,000 in civil penalties.

The complaint was filed in November 2020. Three years earlier, bureau investigators conducted three separate undercover operations that involved taking cars to FMC for diagnosis and repair. The cars had undergone the necessary repairs. In all three cases, Menjivar incorrectly stated that repairs and parts were needed and either charged for unnecessary services or failed to perform the work entirely, according to a statement from the San Mateo County District Attorney’s office. It also failed to provide written estimates, according to regulators.

In September 2019, Menjivar accepted the revocation of his auto repair license and in March 2020 his business closed.