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Nuisance of car mechanics at the roadside

October 10, 2022 | 06:41 IST

Nuisance of car mechanics at the roadside

Citizen Everette Seated Telles Margao

The stretch of road measuring 100 meters from Virgin Garage to the end of Indira Apts Cooperative Housing Society in Comba, Margao has been taken over by auto mechanics who carry out their illegal vehicle repairs without a business license all day and late in the evening giving sleepless nights to the residents of the society.

They wear coveralls as if they are authorized by the powers that be to continue their faulty work. The emissions of carbon monoxide and harmful gases released into the atmosphere by the carburettors of the engines are of a toxic nature which is inevitably inhaled by the residents thus affecting their health, most of whom are elderly people, not to mention the deafening noise of the Horn repairs add to their misery.

The whole road on either side of the dividing line is diverted by these unscrupulous elements. Nowhere else in the state have we seen a garage in the heart of town. Virgincar Garage, which is a sprawling complex next door, is a wasteland because of these roadside mechanics doing repairs at a fraction of the cost of established players who run their business on volumes without paying taxes.

It is requested very seriously to explore under which labor law, i.e. factory law or industrial disputes law, this category of labor falls under and action against the provisions must be engaged.