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No injuries in devastating fire that destroyed Hudson auto shop, owner killed thousands | Archive

HUDSON, Iowa (KWL) — Hudson Fire Chief Chad Schmidt said no one was injured in the fire that destroyed Beyer Motorsports Monday night.

Authorities believe the fire started in an oil burner that is the company’s heat source.

Owner RJ Beyer said nine employees were in the building when the fire broke out, as it was still fully open at the time. Those in the building were able to exit and were examined for injuries by emergency personnel. An employee’s pants caught fire but he was put out and he walked away with loose hair on his leg.

Most of the fire was brought under control on Monday evening. Tuesday morning there were still some minor flames at the site.

Schmidt says there were no fire hydrants at the site of the fire and the nearest was 3/4 of a mile away.

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According to Beyer, three semi-trailers were being worked on in the workshop, along with customer cars and trucks. All thirteen bays were full of vehicles, which are all in total.

Beyer’s mother said he was trying to take care of his employees and they would look to start rebuilding after a total loss. They are looking for a temporary location.

They’ll dig through the rubble to see if there’s anything salvageable, but say they need tools for the mechanics, who all provide their own tools.

The owner and employees mourn the loss of their business and deal with the shock of the massive fire that engulfed their building last night.

The insurance company says it will investigate before it can do any cleaning.

RJ’s sister Melissa Beyer and her brother-in-law made a gofundme for anything insurance can’t cover, like tools and paying employees.

“It was RJ’s lifelong dream,” Melissa wrote on the gofundme page. “For years and years RJ worked in many other mechanical garages and even as a child he worked in his father’s garage. Auto mechanics and repair ran through his veins.”