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NJ Auto Shop finds human teeth stuck in car after fatal shopping cart crash: report

A body shop has found human remains stuck in the undercarriage of a car more than a month after a crash that killed a man push a shopping cart on the New Jersey Turnpike, local police confirmed.

A female driver involved in the accident took her car to the Goodyear Auto Shop in Linden on Monday February 7 for service when mechanics noticed human remains stuck in the undercarriage, Lt. Christopher Guenther said.

“She may have thought she had crushed some kind of debris, but it turned out to be leftovers,” Guenther told NBC News. “She wasn’t the first vehicle to hit, and for some reason this thing was under her car for about a month.”

“Unfortunately for some reason these remains were simply not discovered at the time of the crash,” the lieutenant told Daily Voice.

Authorities said the woman would not be charged and her car had already been checked after the incident – but the body parts had not previously been discovered, said NBC News.

Police told NBC News that the woman’s car was not the first vehicle to hit the man, but that she may have unknowingly crushed his remains.

The remains have been turned over to the Essex County Medical Examiners Office, and no further police action is expected.

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