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My Auto Shop publishes a “How To” guide to continue its mission of making car maintenance easier

Automotive tech company, My Auto Shop, which launched in early 2020, has released a full list ‘How‘ guide this month. The guide takes common issues that car owners face and breaks them down in an easy-to-follow way.

Andy Bowie, founder of My Auto Shop, said:

“To continue our mission to make the task of caring for your car less daunting for the everyday, non-mechanical Kiwi, we’ve released a series of DIY tips for common problems. Whether you have a flat tire, need to top up your washer fluid, change your windshield wipers or check your tire pressure, we’ve removed all the jargon to make it easier for you.

With over 3.5 million small passenger cars in New Zealand, we know owners need easy-to-understand information. We regularly get people calling us trying to book easy jobs like a wiper blade change or bulb replacement. Instead of trying to take them to a mechanic, we want to empower our customers to fix it themselves, similar to following a cooking recipe, to save both money and time. weather.

It’s no secret that cars are getting more and more complicated. Younger generations are less likely to tinker with their car on the weekends and may be discouraged trying to fix whatever is wrong. At My Auto Shop, we want to make this easier for the everyday car owner.

The expert team plans to continually update this guide to keep it relevant and encompassing new requests from our community. »

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