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Machete-wielding man threatens workers at Madison auto shop

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Workers at a Madison auto store retreated to the garage to call 911 after a 34-year-old man entered the store on Monday, placed a machete on the counter and threatened to cut them down. kill, the Madison Police Department said.

Two officers were injured while trying to arrest the suspect, who was identified as Modou Bah, but neither of them needed to go to hospital, the MPD report added.

Officers had been called to the Goodyear Auto Service, located at 3773 E. Washington Ave., around 1:45 p.m. after Bah allegedly entered the store with the 22-inch machete. When they arrived, Bah reported starting to yell at the officers and demand that they shoot him.

After a struggle, officers were able to arrest Bah, MPD continued, noting that investigators were able to find the blade nearby.

Bah has since been incarcerated in Dane Co. Jail on one count of resisting arrest, four counts of disorderly conduct while armed, and nine counts of jumping bail. The MPD report also pointed out that bail skipping allegations extend to the opening of cases as early as March 2020.

“Nine open cases, I think for anyone in the criminal justice system as a professional, we consider that a bit excessive,” Chief Shon Barnes said.

For these open cases, court records obtained by NBC15 show that Bah also faces charges including telephone harassment and disorderly conduct, use of a dangerous weapon. They are above 28 misdemeanor jump bail charges. If convicted in Wisconsin, jumping bail could mean a fine and/or jail time of up to nine months.

Barnes said, “It’s a point of frustration for police officers who know offenders they’ve arrested multiple times and know those cases have not gone to trial.”

NBC15 is awaiting an update from the Dane Co. District Attorney on the response to Bah’s repeated offenses.

A local Goodyear representative declined to speak to NBC15 on Tuesday.

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