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Lexington Auto Shop partners with church for free day of service

A Lexington auto repair shop has again partnered with a local church to help widows and single mothers.

Christian Brothers Automotive, which markets itself as a company rooted in faith and honesty, will hold its 1st annual National Service Day on October 15, and the location at 148 Old Cherokee Rd. is partnering with the Baptist Church of Lexington to help the community.

“This is our path, our chosen mission field,” Joshua Standridge, owner of the Lexington site, told the Chronicle. “It gives us the opportunity to serve a community that may be in need.”

According to the statement, the event takes place on the second weekend of October, during which the company offers free services to customers, including oil changes, inspections and safety repairs.

According to Standridge, individual stores can choose how they participate and hs is extending the offer to widows and single mothers.

Lexington Baptist promotes the event, using its network to find people in the community who can benefit. According to Standridge, the event helps about 35 to 40 people each year.

The inspiration for the day began with a store in Austin, Texas, which in 2005 began offering free oil changes to single mothers and other community members in need. The company announced it as a franchise-wide event in 2010, and since then the service day has become a cornerstone of the company.

The auto shop chain was founded in Mission Bend, Texas, in 1982 and, according to the release, has since expanded to more than 250 locations in 30 states. Currently, Lexington County has only one store, but will soon have two, as a second location is scheduled to open in Irmo (at 8079 Irmo Dr.) on October 17, according to the location’s Facebook page.

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