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Kirkland police investigate burglary and auto repair shop car theft – KIRO 7 News Seattle

Kirkland Police are investigating after two people broke into an auto repair shop and stole a car earlier this week.

Police say the two suspected thieves pulled into Doug’s Auto Tune & Repair just after 5 a.m. Monday in a blue four-door station wagon.

Surveillance video shows one of them breaking the store’s glass door to get in. This same person then gets into a red Ford Fusion parked in the auto repair bay.

The Ford Fusion was blocked, but the thief fought his way through, hitting other vehicles and property in the process.

While Kirkland police were on the scene, Bellevue police found the Ford Fusion and arrested the driver. Kirkland Police are investigating to see if this person was actually involved in the burglary at Doug’s Auto Tune & Repair.

Kirkland police are also still searching for the blue four-door station wagon in which the suspected thieves arrived at the store. It has a spare tire and damage to the driver’s side rear wheel arch.

Police say it appears to be a later Subaru model.

Kirkland Police are asking members of the public with information about the person who stole the Ford Fusion or the suspect vehicle to call their tip line at 425-587-3515.

“This case may help us solve other reported and even unreported burglaries at nearby businesses,” said Kirkland Police Deputy Chief Todd Aksdal. “Store owners don’t always report crimes, but we hope this arrest inspires other businesses to call 911 when illegal activity occurs or is discovered.”