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In the Spotlight: Lititz Man Continues Father’s Work in Auto Shop | Local News

Craig Good, 58, is a mechanic and owner of Good’s Auto Service in Lititz. His father, Bob, started the business in 1967 and Craig grew up around the garage sweeping floors when he was 12 years old.

He took up a job as a mechanic at the garage after graduating from Warwick in 1979. And he bought the business from his father in 2002.

Today, a third generation of the Good family is a technician in the workshop. Craig’s son, Austin, is a mechanic who has worked for his father for three years.

Family: Wife, Gwen, son Austin, 28, and daughter Alyssa, 24.

Things you got from your dad (Bob Good died in 2015): “Learning to be a mechanic but also learning to be a businessman and a boss. … My father taught me how to earn a living. I have never written a resume. I have never written a job application.

“It’s the only job I’ve ever had. That’s it. Auto mechanics is something you learn by doing. And I learned to work alongside my father.

The biggest changes over the years“We go to school all the time. Today’s technology, cars are getting so complex. … You must have intelligence. You have to have talent. »

The hardest part of your job: “The difficulty I feel when I have to let a customer know that an expensive repair is necessary.

“Nowadays it can get quite expensive and when the customer is in financial difficulty, paying for repairs can create anxiety.

“We’ve also seen a lot of cars lately that won’t pass state inspection due to rusting issues, again often a surprise to the customer and not a very good conversation to have.”

The most rewarding thing about your job“I think it’s the fact that what we do really matters. People need reliable transportation. I had this conversation with my mother several times. She’s a big football fan. I asked him, “If NFL players go on strike, what kind of impact would that have?” I said mom, ‘What if all the auto mechanics go on strike? What impact would that have? »

More difficult to be a mechanic or a boss“Being in the position that I occupy today where I manage the company, there are times when I miss the practical mechanical part. And if I need to go for an oil change, I need to fix a tire, I need to do this or that, I really like doing that. It’s almost like a break.

The neatest car you’ve worked on: “We’ve worked on some cool muscle cars over the years.”

hobby“I love boating on the Chesapeake Bay and that got me into water skiing, and I also snow ski. And I love photography.

Something people wouldn’t know about you“Ever since my children were young, my wife and I have been involved in teaching the children at our church, Trinity EC in Lititz.”