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The latest GTA Online update has enough content to satisfy the majority of players. Los Santos Tuners, last year’s hugely popular DLC, is heavily featured in this week’s selection of bonuses and discounts. Players will be able to buy all car shops and a number of Tuner cars at a discount.

This also means that Auto Shop Custom Deliveries offer 3x bonuses, making it the perfect time for players to start their own Auto Shop business and earn big bucks.

But if there are any players who know nothing about Auto Shop Custom Deliveries, then this article will serve as a guide and provide them with all the important information they need to know.

GTA Online players must take advantage of Auto Shop Custom Deliveries giving amazing 3x bonuses

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The GTA Online Auto Shop Service, sometimes referred to as Auto Shop Client Tasks or Auto Shop Deliveries, is a feature included in the Los Santos Tuners update.

How to start Auto Shop deliveries in GTA Online?

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The first thing players need to do to start Auto Shop deliveries is to purchase an Auto Shop from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. Players can choose from five distinct locations.

  • mission line ($1,670,000)
  • Strawberry ($1,705,000)
  • ranch ($1,750,000)
  • Burton ($1,830,000)
  • The Mesa ($1,920,000

Players will meet Kenny Dixon Jr. and Sessanta after acquiring an Auto Shop company. Sessanta calls to discuss the legality of the store’s ability to provide customization and repair services. She will spread the word to attract customers and notify players when they have their first customer.

Players must, however, wait until they complete configuration work on an seized vehicle. They will eventually receive a call from Sessanta informing them of a customer request. To find out what’s going on, all they have to do is go to the Auto Shop.

How to manage Auto Shop activity in GTA Online?

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Basically, the Auto Shop in GTA Online serves as a legitimate business front that allows players to customize customers’ automobiles to their specifications and then deliver them to earn extra money.

Sessanta may phone the player randomly after completing their setup task to inform them that a customer has delivered a car for maintenance. There can be two simultaneous customer cars waiting to be upgraded if the player has purchased the optional vehicle lift upgrade.

Once a customer’s vehicle is in the store, it will remain there until the player interacts with it and will not disappear when switching sessions unless something happens that causes the game to stop working. connect to Rockstar servers in time for a backup.

Based on the random requirements of the customer, the player needs to maintain and customize the car. A known exception to this rule is Wheel Color, where additional enhancements beyond the buyer’s requests can be made at the risk of getting less than the customer was willing to pay or earning a bonus.

Depending on the type of vehicle, modifications have a predetermined cost. These costs will be refunded upon delivery.

How to perform Auto Shop Custom Deliveries in GTA Online?

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The customized car should be delivered to the buyer after the modifications are completed. The pay will be reduced if damage is incurred on the way to the delivery destination.

GTA Online players will have the option to assign the delivery task to Auto Shop staff if they have hired one or both of them; however, it will still take a long time and there is a chance that the staff will damage the car, which will result in a lower reward.

In order to facilitate delivery, the game will also allow cars to be airlifted using a Cargobob hook, although this requires the vehicle to be brought down to the ground and driven into the parking circle.

When a player delivers a car, other players are not notified. If another player damages the customer’s vehicle, the offending player will receive a wanted level.

The car will simply respawn at the Auto Shop to be delivered again if it is destroyed, either by the player or an opponent. It will no longer need to be changed. This will also happen if the player switches sessions while a delivery is in progress, which is useful if the vehicle has suffered significant damage. The location of the next random delivery may not be the same as the first.

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