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How to fix Auto Shop not working in GTA Online

Auto stores in GTA Online are new types of businesses in the Los Santos Tuners update that allow players to earn money by repairing and modifying vehicles. Unfortunately, auto shops can often have three major issues: can’t modify vehicles, the mechanic doesn’t work, and the customer’s delivery doesn’t end.

This guide will provide you with the possible solutions on how to fix auto shopping issues that are not working in GTA Online. The methods listed below are very simple and have been tested by many GTA Online players.

GTA Online: How To Fix The Auto Shop That Isn’t Working

GTA Online Auto Shop Fix: Unable to modify vehicles

The most common problem that GTA Online that players are complaining about is related to vehicle modding. Once players try to press the button or the interaction key to start modifying their cars, nothing happens.

Follow these steps to quickly fix the impossible to edit vehicles bug in GTA Online:

  1. Get in the car you want to modify
  2. Leave the car
  3. To go for a walk from the garage on foot
  4. Wait a few seconds outside and come back
  5. Get in the car once again

This simple action should restart your auto shop, so you can modify your cars this way.

If this method does not work, follow another method:

  1. Open GTA Online game menu
  2. Go to “In linetab “
  3. Select any job from the list and play it
  4. As soon as it charges, leave work at once
  5. To return to to your car garage

This is a more difficult reset of your game than the previous method. If that doesn’t work, you need to restart your entire game.

GTA Online Auto Shop Fix: Customer Delivery Does Not End

Another great way to make money if you do it yourself is customer delivery jobs. But many gamers started to have delivery issues and issues.

This problem can only be solved in one way: hire auto shop staff to do the job for you.

You’ll make a lot less money this way, but at least the job gets done. Once Rockstar releases an official patch, you can perform customer delivery tasks yourself.

GTA Online Auto Shop Fix: Mechanic Not Working

When your car is destroyed, you can usually call the mechanic at your auto shop to arrive and have your vehicle repaired.

Some players seem to be waiting for their mechanic forever. The reason is that mechanics can’t spawn in some places, and that’s why people have this bug.

You can solve this problem by walk in and out of any neighboring building. This should restart the mechanic and give him a suitable spawn point.

Hope these tips helped you find solutions on how to fix auto shop that is not working in GTA Online. Find out more GTA Online tips and tricks articles on our dedicated hub page.