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GTA Online Weekly Update Significantly Increases Auto Shop Deliveries

Another weekly GTA Online update has arrived for Grand Theft Auto V’s online multiplayer mode, and we’ve got all the details fresh off the press. Rockstar’s official patch notes normally arrive a little after the fact, but we’ve got all the important details you need to know as you head into the multiplayer game, from boosted events and activities to special car rewards.

The biggest boosts from June 23-29 are Deliveries to Auto Shop Customers, which will net you triple the usual cash and reputation rewards, and Tuner Activities, which will also award triple their reputation payout. usual. You can also earn double the normal money and reputation from Stunt Races, Tuner Contracts, Exotic Exports, and Missions for Trevor.

The GTA Online Prize Ride is a low-profile two-door supercar, the FMJ, which you can win by finishing in the top three in pursuit races for five consecutive days. If that sounds too committed, you can roll the dice and spin the wheel for a shot at GTA Online’s podium car, which is the RT3000, a sleek two-door roadster introduced in the Los Santos Tuners update. .

If you’re looking to sign up for LS Car Meet, it’s half price this week, so now is the perfect time to do so. You can also buy car workshops and retrofits for them with a 30% discount. A wide range of expensive cars are also on sale this week, with 30-40% off several automobiles that typically cost over $1 million.

All details and discounts are listed in full below:

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