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Federal government sues auto repair shop that paid ex-employee in pennies

The US Department of Labor is suing the auto repair shop that made the headlines last year by giving a former employee his last penny paycheck.

The lawsuit, filed December 30 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, alleges that A OK Walker Autoworks and its owner Miles Walker discriminated against Andreas Flaten because he ‘he called the Ministry of Labor to report that he had not received his last paycheck.

“A few hours after learning that Mr. Flaten had complained to [the Wage and Hour Division] about not having received his last paycheck, the defendants decided to pay Mr. Flaten in pennies, ”the lawsuit alleged.

In March of last year, Flaten found 91,500 cents in his driveway, according to the lawsuit. “The defendants left a copy of Mr. Flaten’s paycheck with a curse written on the outside.”

The Department of Labor also found that A OK Walker Autoworks in Peachtree City had not paid employees for overtime since at least April 2019.

The lawsuit also alleged that A OK Walker Autoworks failed to “make, maintain and keep adequate and accurate records of the persons employed and the wages, hours and other conditions and employment practices maintained by them”, which is required by the Ministry of Labor.

A OK Walker Autoworks did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday.

After receive media attention for the penny stunt last year, a page titled “Pennies” appeared on the OK Walker Autoworks website.

“Ahh, pennies. What started out as a trap for a mediocre ex-employee, certainly got a lot of press,” Page said, in part.

“Unfortunately, by law, we can’t disclose his flaws. Let’s just say he maybe stole? Maybe he killed a dog? Maybe he killed a cat? Maybe he killed a dog? be that he was lazy? Maybe he was a butcher? Maybe he liked to indulge himself in customers’ cars? ” It said. “Whatever you want to think about is your prerogative. But know that no one would bother if we bothered to make a point without being motivated.”

The page went on to say that the US Department of Labor told the company that Flaten could be paid in any denomination, and Flaten was being paid more than A Ok Walker Autoworks was “legally obligated to give him” because the company wanted to include the cost to process the change.

The company claimed that 100,003 cents, 750 cents, two quarters, a cent and Flaten’s check stub were left in its driveway.

Flaten had alleged that the pennies he received were coated with an oily substance. A OK Walker Autoworks denied the claim, and this was not mentioned in the lawsuit.

“Pennies are money! They are US currencies guaranteed by the federal government and are good for all public or private debt,” said the “Pennies” page of A Ok Walker Autoworks.

A separate page on the company’s site sells a branded shirt for $ 20, with the promise that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity. The back of the T-shirt reads: “A Dime For Your Thoughts.”