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Epicor, Auto Repair Compare Collab on Improved Workshop Estimator Tool

Epicor, a global leader in industry-specific business software to promote business growth, has collaborated with automotive aftermarket technology provider Auto Repair Compare (ARC) in the launch of a next-generation tool which allows consumers to receive accurate repair quotes around the clock. 7 base through their favorite service store websites. The new tool leverages the Epicor Integrated Service Estimator (ISE) solution to guide consumers through a highly automated online quoting process designed to drive transparency and trust and help increase conversion rates on the Internet.

“We are excited to combine Epicor ISE with our patented, state-of-the-art quote platform technologies to deliver a holistic solution designed to transform both the consumer and service writer experience,” said the CRA President, Rick Goodwin. “Epicor ISE guides the user through a quick and simple process to generate an accurate repair quote that is fair to both consumer and service provider.”

The Epicor ISE solution is a cloud-based parts sourcing and estimating tool that reduces the time it takes to accurately identify and estimate virtually any common vehicle maintenance or repair need. The solution instantly provides the information needed to identify needed services and parts and automatically applies shop-defined labor times and rates as well as parts prices, plus markup, from authorized local vendors.

“ARC unlocks the value of ISE in a new way, enabling service providers to succeed in the digital marketplace,” said Tim Hardin, senior vice president and general manager, Global Auto, Data, and Extend Services, Epicor . “Platforms like ISE support the buying process of today’s world, where virtually any product or service, including auto repair, starts from a mobile device. Ultimately, consumers expect transparency and convenience. Stores that allow repairs and pricing to be searched are much more likely to win service opportunities.

ARC reports that stores using its consumer-facing technologies have seen an average conversion rate of 60% among online visitors who receive a quote. “Our success demonstrates the value of connecting with consumers when, where and how they prefer – which is increasingly online across nearly every age group,” Goodwin said. “We believe our new ISE-powered quote tool will drive even higher conversion whether the consumer connects online, over the phone, or at the service counter.”

In addition to allowing stores to offer free quotes online, Epicor says the Integrated Service Estimator solution enables service writers to produce complete and accurate estimates faster that streamlines the approval process and increases productivity and store profitability. The solution is already used in thousands of points of service in the United States and Canada.

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