Auto shop

Denver Queer-owned auto store proves there’s room for everyone in Petrolhead Land

We have all undoubtedly heard that being a humble auto mechanic is “a man’s job”. Obviously, we have to change our vocabulary because the world is changing fast. Gender norms are removed and everyone doing what they want with their life is the way of the future.

In America, anyone with a dream and the skills can run a successful repair shop, even those who have been unfairly marginalized for the longest time. Welcome to Good Judy Garage, one of the very first gay-friendly mechanics shops in the state of Colorado.

Not an ounce of her mechanical prowess was wasted when CC Haug decided to identify as a woman and begin hormone therapy. It’s a notion she is too keen on proving to clients and the community.

I identify as queer. In fact, I will be starting hormone therapy in early January. Said Haug, “One of the reasons I didn’t do it earlier in life is because for me the mechanical stuff, the cars, all of that is such a big passion.” If I start my transition, what am I going to do for work? What’s gonna happen? “

At the end of the day, the answer was not to change much at all. CC always changes the oil, balances the tires and tunes the engines with a smile and an emphatic passion that transcends any notion of gender roles. Thus, the name of Good Judy Garage, a tribute to Judy Garland. One of the very first openly inclusive LGBT allies in Hollywood.

CC’s partner, Faith, manages the day-to-day office operations for the new and growing business. The couple plan to maintain a competitive advantage in the local market by offering competitive prices for hourly labor and charging additional fees if the work exceeds the agreed time period.

This kind of bargain is one that other stores could easily have offered. But when you live a life as strewn with pitfalls as an openly transgender person can endure, you learn that helping others is the best way to bridge cultural gaps.

Good luck to Faith, CC and to all those aspiring oil tankers who have already been told something about their character that has excluded them from passion. The time is yours now, folks. Now is the time to try and live your life and be happy the same way CC did. The joke is on you, the naysayers. She succeeded.