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‘Definitely invest in a camera,’ auto shop owner says after his business is stolen

The owners of Tireshop Exclusive DTS spoke to FOX 26 after their business was targeted by a thief who also brutally beat up an employee.

They tell us it happened around 10.50am on Monday and was caught on CCTV.

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“Our secretary, she’s the one who took the jackpot,” said owner Luis Sanchez. “She had two broken fingers and her head was split open.”

Sanchez said the man entered the store for the first time, but believes that because he was busy at the time, the man left.

But not before Sanchez got a good look at his face and his car model.

“This guy had been here the Friday before, when he walked in he smelled like drugs and it caught our attention,” Sanchez said. “The girls said he gave off bad vibes and the questions he asked made no sense, so I paid attention to his car and his face and of course it was him.”


Sanchez said another nearby store called ahead of the robbery to be on the lookout.

He suggests investing in a surveillance system if you are a local business.

“Definitely invest in a camera and a panic button,” Sanchez said. “The way the suspect got away was because we didn’t have a panic button.”