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Chicago auto mechanics strike continues

About 11 NCDC stores previously indicated that they no longer wanted to be part of NCDC, causing the total number of dealers in NCDC to drop to 45. Seven more erupted this week while two more “signed an agreement. with the union and were released due to special circumstances, “the union said. This leaves the NCDC with 36 dealers this week, according to updates on Local 701’s website and Facebook page.

The number of striking members has declined because some dealers have chosen to bring back their technicians through an “interim agreement,” wrote Sam Cicinelli, managing sales representative and organizer of Local 701, in an update. .

The NCDC presented another counter-proposal to the union on September 7. The proposal was final, according to Mark Bilek, spokesperson for the Chicago Automobile Trade Association.

At the heart of the argument are a few outstanding questions related to the union’s health and wellness fund. The union wants the NCDC to match the fund contributions made by non-NCDC union stores.

The NCDC has indicated that it wants to reduce its contributions based on the recommendations of the fund’s actuaries. Bilek said the NCDC changed the wording of the proposed employment contract to allow them to pay the lowest contributions initially, but increase them if the fund starts to lose money.