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C3 Corvette caught on camera going through the two walls of the car workshop

Here’s a way to gauge the potency of a Chevy Corvette, although unintentional and certainly not recommended: Just find out how many walls it can go through. Sunday, a C3 Corvette slammed its way through two walls of an auto repair shop in Riverside, California, before finally stopping. No one was injured in the crash, the result of a mechanic’s error while testing the vehicle, but understandably there was a lot of damage.

Powerful V8 engine behind the C3

Corvette C3 crashing through auto repair shop bay wall

There were no estimates on how the C3 – one of the Chevrolet family’s most coveted Corvettes – has been maintained, but it’s likely a lot of bodywork will need to be done at the very least. But the damage to the Cali Tire Shop runs into the thousands of dollars, enough to shut the place down for a week for repairs.

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Even without the pedal to the metal, the Corvette made it through two walls of a maintenance bay, luckily in an area where there were no employees. But credit the C3’s 454-cubic-inch LS5 V8 engine for its ability to smash through those barriers before stopping in an adjoining office. The series of impacts resulted in the Corvette being buried under debris from the walls along with a company sign.

Car accidentally started

Corvette C3 under debris in auto repair shop office
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As for how it happened, a mechanic working on the Corvette wanted to start the vehicle, but accidentally started it, causing it to take off. Apparently the driver was in a state of panic and instead of quickly applying the brakes he jumped out of the moving car.

“I was just pumping at work and then all of a sudden, next thing I know, I see a car being bulldozed into the store,” Marco Avalos, co-owner of Cali Streets Tire, told KTLA News.

Corvette will need more repairs

Employees examine wall damage caused by C3 Corvette crash

It could have been much worse. Just minutes before the Corvette crashed, a few people were standing in the bay precisely in the path where the C3 was going to travel. Also, the office where the car finally stopped is next to the store’s waiting room. It’s unclear where the owner will take his Corvette, which will require additional work.

Source: KTLA News

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