Auto shop

Bed-Stuy residents claim auto store monopolizes parking spaces with shaded vehicles

Residents of Bed-Stuy say a local auto store occupies all open parking spaces on their street.

The rows of cars on St. Andrew’s Place make it difficult for residents to find a seat, and they say it’s been a nightmare for years.

Some claim that a nearby auto store moves license plates to different cars – some have no plates at all. They say they tried to voice their frustrations at the store, but there was no compromise.

Fed up and with no resolution – they started to compile data on all the cars and noticed that some had been there for months or even years. They say they have also found that the plates do not match the VIN numbers.

Residents are concerned that the elderly and disabled members of the neighborhood are struggling to find a place near their homes.

“You should be able to park at a reasonable distance from your home, and unfortunately, because of the actions of this bodybuilder, this is not possible for us,” says Alexa Schachter, a resident.

A man who identified himself as the owner of New Horizon Auto Body told News 12 that he parks his cars in a separate parking lot and is not responsible for any of the cars parked in nearby streets. He says he told N&B Auto Care next door that they should move the cars.

A B&W Auto Care mechanic said the cars were legally registered and they spoke to New York City Police, who told them it was not illegal.

However, law enforcement sources patrolling the area told News 12 they tried to get rid of the cars – many of which are run down – but when the sanitary facilities come out they say the staff get very aggressive.

The neighbors intend to share their frustrations with local elected officials.

The city’s sanitation department said in a statement, “We have responded to several complaints about abandoned vehicles, but in each case the vehicle was claimed by the owner, and New York City Sanitation cannot. not remove private property “.

He added that the area is on his radar.