Auto repair

Auto repair shops adjust to parts shortages, seeing longer wait times

DELMARVA — As some prepare to travel for the holiday season, you might be thinking of getting your car tuned up.

However, due to some parts shortages, it might take a little longer than expected. We are told that Delmarva’s auto repair shops are learning about supply chain issues.

“The last two years have been a challenge, period,” says Herbert Williams, parts manager at Pohanka of Salisbury. He adds: “The demand is there, there’s a lot of business, there’s a lot of people, a lot of traffic inside and outside, it’s just a matter of meeting everyone’s demands. “

These issues, we are told, are having an impact on wait times.

“Sometimes it can take an hour, hour and a half of waiting while a lot of other stores can wait a month or two months to get on an entry list, because of the labor or supplies,” says Mike Soules, owner of Jiffy Lube in Lewes.

Williams tells us they saw out-of-stock electronics, engine oil and some truck parts.

“The logistics part and the back orders slowly start to get worse along the way.” However, it is now shifting to some of the general maintenance items, prompting dealers to look to places like Amazon and eBay to keep up with demand. “We do a lot of scrambling to find parts here or wherever we can find them, it takes a long time to search,” says Williams.

Soules tells 47 ABC that sometimes they have to go to three or four suppliers to get the parts they need.

“You didn’t know if you were going to have the filters or not, that’s not a good position for our business.” Soules adds, “Over time, even our suppliers found they couldn’t have one supplier, which was a lot for them at the time. They could just have a huge big contract at the time and call it a day. ”

However, Soules says things are slowly starting to improve for her shop and her customers understand if they need more time to get what they need.

“We’ll usually see a lot of cars again and that will help us finish our year, which is always a plus after what we’ve all been through.”

Soules and Williams also tell us that each store has a variety of hurdles to overcome, and they both ask customers to be patient until some of those issues are resolved.