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Ardmore Auto Shop opens as cold weather shelter

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) – Freezing temperatures hitting Ardmore can prove deadly for people without a home or a place to stay warm.

A Lone Grove auto shop owner opened his shop as a haven.

David Moore said the store is open to keep anyone without room warm, no questions asked.

“There’s no paperwork involved,” Moore said. “So we have no judgement. We are at 5187 South Meridian Lone Grove Oklahoma. It’s a transmission workshop, so come knock on the door and we’ll be happy to welcome you.

According to the Grace Center of Southern Oklahoma, which helps homeless people find clothes and navigate social services, Ardmore does not have warming centers for cold days.

Moore said while the store might not be the best set up – they need more bedding and food – but it is shelter with warmth.

“It’s better than being outside,” Moore said. “It’s better than being in his car.”

Randy Dunn said he had been stuck in the cold before and no one cared.

“Because you could die,” Dunn said. “I mean it’s just miserable, you’re not going to survive a cold like that.”

Dunn was at the store Wednesday night, when he said three people stayed in the store and two more came early the next morning.

A member of the Gotta Love It Facebook group brought food.

“Some stews and cornbreads are already cooked,” Dunn said. “Well, they ate that, they were glad they had it.”

If you need help on those cold nights, or want to help Moore keep others warm, call Advanced Transmission at (580) 223-5366or contact i gotta love it.

“We have the whole shop still open in case anyone else wants to come,” Moore said. “So we have a lot of space available.”

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