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A Toronto Auto Shop Just Gave Away 100 Free Tacos With Oil Changes

What goes better together in Toronto than tacos and oil changes?

It might not be peanut butter and jelly, but a usual promotion from a local auto shop offers a free taco and drink with every oil change.

Liqui Moly Oil Change at 1138 Dufferin St. offered free tacos from their neighbor across the street at 616 Gladstone Ave., Gus Tacos.

The Liqui Moly is at the address of Rue Godz Inc.who has been announcing the oil change deal on his Instagram since around November 2021.

Street Godz is a quirky full-service mechanic shop specializing in German cars that opened in 2018. Their slogan is “No Hondas allowed”.

“The owner of Street Godz Inc. is a frequent customer of ours, and one day he asked if we could collaborate on a promotion where if his customers get an oil change, they can redeem a free taco and a drink from our leave while they wait,” a spokesperson for Gus Tacos told blogTO.

“As a neighboring business, we thought it would be great to help each other out.”

Gus Tacos grew to open multiple locations in Toronto, founded by Kensington taco vets.

“We really wanted to be all the support and help in any way we can, from one small business to another,” the Gus Tacos spokesperson said.

The offer was redeemed for nearly 100 tacos during the campaign period, which is over for now. But who knows, maybe the next collaboration with neighboring companies is on the way from Street Godz.