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“4 to 5 customers a day”: automotive repair markets, a dynamic activity despite the restrictions | News from Noida

Noida: As traffic police have launched a crackdown on the illegal use of pressure horns and modified silencers in the city, shopkeepers and mechanics in Sectors 8 and 9 and the accessories and car market repair two-wheelers could be seen openly selling and installing the device on vehicles on Mondays. Some of the more than 300 car shops in the market also displayed pressure horns at their entrances.
Traders and mechanics, speaking on condition of anonymity, said these products have a 30-40% markup while most other licensed products only have a 10-12% markup. “Most people between the ages of 20 and 35 come to have pressure horns and modified mufflers installed in their vehicles. Pressure horns for bicycles and cars are available for Rs 250-300 and Rs 450-500, respectively. We get about 4-5 customers a day,” said a bike mechanic from the Sector 9 Auto Repair Market. to show.
Updesh Kumar Shrivastava, a car mechanic from Sector 8, said the car market is densely crowded. “There are shops that sell spare parts for bicycles and cars. Most of these workshops do not employ mechanics. Freelance mechanics contact merchants and enter into an agreement to provide their services to on-site store customers. Sometimes customers come to buy spare parts and have them fitted by the mechanics,” he said.
Shrivastava said if a trader sells a product, the mechanic must fix it on the vehicle. “The mechanic can’t deny it. If he does, the trader will ask him to leave his premises,” he said. However, he said that due to law enforcement in recent months, the unauthorized installation of pressure horns and modified silencers has decreased.
Ram Kumar, chairman of the two-wheeler market association, Noida, Sector 9, said the association had advised traders and mechanics not to install unauthorized mufflers and horns on vehicles. “We also run campaigns and issue fines to offenders. Some older vehicles already have modified mufflers and pressure horns, but now the mechanics don’t fit them,” he said.
DCP (traffic) Noida, Ganesh Prasad Saha says cops will launch crackdown campaign in Noida car market.
“Last year we waged a crackdown campaign and fined some traders and mechanics. We will launch another campaign soon,” he said.