Auto shop

Kevin Kee Closes Auto Store After 28 Years Of Racing At Edina | Edine

A small yellow car is also in front of the store, waving to customers. (Sun Current staff photo by Caitlin Anderson) In addition to the notoriety that comes from occupying a bright yellow building on a busy road, Kevin Kee’s Auto Service has earned a reputation as a place of reliable service and strong camaraderie, […]

Auto repair

Mazda uses digital technology for auto repair booking

When a vehicle is in the store for service, there are several processes that can cause headaches for both the customer and the service professionals. The required repairs should be explained to a customer who needs to approve them but may not understand them. There is the phone tag game which can slow things down. […]

Auto mechanics

In an electric car world, who will be the auto mechanics?

It is becoming increasingly clear that electric vehicles are the future of vehicles. But who is going to fix them when they break down? The world’s biggest fat monkey (as a mechanical idiot, I use that term with respect and admiration) can’t do much if your electric car’s battery management system fails. It’s a concern […]

Auto shop

Long-standing local auto store sold to new owner | Business

Kathryn van der Pol said she and her husband, Sybren, had received offers to sell their neighborhood auto store to real estate developers, but they declined because they wanted the historic Garden Oaks business to stay. . The longtime owners of Liberty Hoepfl garage, 4610 N. Shepherd Dr., finally received an offer they couldn’t refuse, […]