Auto shop

My Auto Shop, the “AirBnB for your car”, has just launched in Hamilton

Thursday, July 16, 2020, 4:25 p.m.Press release: My car shop In early January, a new service called the ‘UberEats for auto repairs‘ launched quietly in Auckland. As they gained momentum, things quickly hit a wall when COVID-19 arrived on our shores. Since the lockdown they have quickly grown into a network of over 100 workshops […]

Auto mechanics

This wrench set could help you learn auto mechanics without getting dirty

You can read all the manuals and watch hours of video, but nothing beats hands-on key-turning experience if you want to better understand how your car works. But cars, tools and workspaces are expensive. This video game key, however, could make hands-on mechanics training much more accessible. The concept seems quite simple: you assemble and […]