Asking me for a loan is very simple because it is all online. I am Fast and I help you, in a few steps, to know if you qualify for an advance of up to $ 20,000 in your account and in the day. The basic requirements are: to be over 18 years old, have some type of income and have a bank account in your name that does not correspond to a social plan.

If it is your first loan requested, you will have to register

If it is your first loan requested, you will have to register

Complete all your data so I can meet you; You can also do it with your Facebook: do not worry that nobody will know that you asked for money. Once the form is completed, I will inform you how much I can lend you, and the return can be up to 3 installments. The more I know you, the more money you can ask me and the less I will charge you. If you have already applied, enter with your username and password to see the specific conditions for you.

Once approved, the advance of money is deposited in the bank account that you indicated in the application, on the day or in less than 24 business hours.

The following month, I will debit the agreed amount from the same account


If the payment cannot be made, depending on the reason for the rejection, it will be forwarded a couple of times the days following the expiration and they will contact you to agree on a solution.

Both on the web and in the app, if your order was rejected, you can try again in 30 days. Rejections occur when there was a problem with credit verification, which may or may not be improved or updated in that period so that you can reapply for a personal loan .

What can it do for you?

What can it do for you?

I don’t need to tell you! Your list of pending things must be endless and for many of them, surely, you need money. To name a few: accounts that you have to settle now, purchase opportunities that you don’t want to miss, a venture that needs funds to start, a taste you want to give yourself, a move, an urgent medical treatment … Those weights you need for your plans and unforeseen, Fast can lend them to you.

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